Friday, April 19, 2013

SFFWorld Blog Launch

Welcome to the SFFWorld Review Blog! SFFWorld has a long-standing history in the online genre community as a genre content provider, publishing book reviews and author interviews for over a decade (since 2000) and as such, is one of the longest-standing genre sites in the Internet. 

Since 2007, SFFWorld has been publishing between 75 and 100 book reviews per year, in addition to multiple author interviews, occasional film and comic book reviews as well as annual recaps/overviews of the year for the genre (see the sidebar on the recaps going back to 2010). 

The majority of the reviews fall within the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror genres. Most of the new reviews are for current year releases, with some reissues, old favorites, or “catch-up with series/author” reviews. From time to time, we’ll be pulling reviews from our archive to highlight books that shouldn’t be forgotten or as a series of reposted reviews leading up to current series releases. 

Rob H. Bedford (@RobHBedford on twitter, personal blog and Mark Yon (@Hobbit_SFFWorld on twitter) are the primary reviewers with Rob covering books and authors published in the US and Mark covering books and authors published in the UK.

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